Creativity is as important in education as the same status. A co-curricular or cultural activitiesgives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibittheir non-academic abilities. They complement the curricular activities andgroom the students in the “Art of Living and Working Together”.

The aim of GCB family is to improve participation ofall the students in cultural activities, enhancing the personal skills andexperiences. The club is also aspired to develop confidence, self-presentation,team work, time management and self-discipline in students by encouraging themto take part in different cultural activities.


“Todevelop the hidden talents of the students.”


To impart higher quality skills inall art forms by undertaking various cultural activities and provide platformto explore hidden talent among the Students.


We the members of cultural society aim to createand facilitate an environment for enhancing innate potential, satisfy theemotion and instincts through skills, self-reliance and humanitarianism tomould the youth to build a better world.


To ensure holistic development of the students,to inculcate awareness about Indian culture and heritage among the members andin community to contribute to the multicultural makeup of the students throughparticipation in various cultural events i.e. fine arts literary, and performingarts like dance, drama and music etc.